The Martha Mitchell Effect

Martha Beall was born on September 2, 1918 and later became Martha Beall Mitchell the wife of President Richard Nixon’s 1968 appointed Attorney General, John Mitchell. Nixon, notoriously known as a man who constantly shifted the blame away from himself and onto others, famously placed the Watergate scandal onto Martha’s shoulders. In an interview with […]

Date of Nixon Resignation

It was at 9: 01 p.m. in the Oval Office at the White House that President Nixon gave his resignation speech that was broadcast on radio and television. PRESIDENT NIXON’S RESIGNATION SPEECH PDF FILE   PRESIDENT NIXON’S RESIGNATION SPEECH August 8, 1974 Good evening. This is the 37th time I have spoken to you from […]

Ayn Rand’s Objectivism

by Research History In 1959, when Ayn Rand was relatively unknown, Mike Wallace conducted her first interview. This broadcast stirred up quite a controversy. The Russian-American philosopher and novelist called her philosophy Objectivism. Her beliefs seemed strange and extreme from an American’s point of view,  but when you consider her experience as a Russian at the […]