Texas Cherokee Chiefs

by William D. Welge For nearly twenty years certain groups of Cherokees split off from the western band due to the ever increasing number of white settlers encroaching upon lands set aside for the tribe by the federal government. However, the government didn’t abide by it’s commitment to remove the white intruders as specified by […]

Cherokee Chiefs Part I & II

Part I Cherokee Leaders 1760-1838 Before embarking upon aspects of the various factions or divisions within the Cherokee Nation, there are several tribal leaders that play key roles in the defense of their nation in the east and those who saw the floodtide of white encroachment, removed west of the Mississippi River to live their […]

A Prelude to Removal / Cherokee Nation

Throughout the 18th century the Cherokee Nation was under assault whether it was with the British or later the up start American’s. At one time before 1730, the lands claimed by this powerful tribal nation included most of what is now Virginia, parts of Kentucky, eastern Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and parts of Georgia. […]

Cherokee Research

In the coming days/weeks, I’ll will be posting information that hopefully will aid researchers with vexing questions about the turbulent Cherokee history during the first third of the 19th century. I will include information about the Old Settlers who voluntarily removed out west; the Texas Cherokees; the Treaty Party faction and the John Ross faction. […]