Nefertiti’s Measure to Achieve More Respect

April 9, 2013 · Posted in Egyptian History · Comments Off on Nefertiti’s Measure to Achieve More Respect 

Nefertiti was married to Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten.

Nefertiti Egyptian Queen

Nefertiti. Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)

In a desire to gain more respect as a leader of her people, Nefertiti changed her title and dress to that of a masculine identity. She presented herself as a King and was seen wearing men’s clothing and a false beard. Ironically, the meaning of her name is  ‘the beautiful one has come.’ As displayed in sculpture and recorded in history, she lived up to her name; being one of the most beautiful of famous women.

Whether or not this extra measure, of creating an association with a male persona, was effective or not is hard to say, but, for many reasons, she attained historical and everlasting status as an Egyptian Queen.

Source: Google Books