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The Triangle Waist Factory Fire On March 25, 1911 in New York City

List of 146 Who Died Adler, Lizzie, 24 Altman, Anna, 16 Ardito, Annina, 25 Bassino, Rose, 31 Benanti, Vincenza, 22 Berger, Yetta, 18 Bernstein, Essie, 19 Bernstein, Jacob, 38 Bernstein, Morris, 19 Billota, Vincenza, 16 Binowitz, Abraham, 30 Birman, Gussie, 22 Brenman, Rosie, 23 Brenman, Sarah, 17 Brodsky, Ida, 15 Brodsky, Sarah, 21 Brucks, Ada, […]

Sacred Text

Sacred Text Describes Successful Brain Surgery in Ancient Tibet The history of brain surgery may date back as far as the late Stone Age, and some medical historians consider it the earliest operation ever performed. Recently, a specialist on Tibetan culture uncovered an intriguing account of ancient brain surgery in the 2,900-year-old Tibetan Tripiaka, a […]

SARS Virus

Tracking SARS back to its source January 2006 The previously unknown SARS virus generated widespread panic in 2002 and 2003 when the airborne germ caused 774 deaths and more than 8000 cases of illness. But where did this mystery virus come from? Scientists immediately suspected that it had jumped to humans from some other organism. […]

New Virus Related to Ebola and Rabies

By Maggie Fox, NBC News A virus that killed two teenagers in Congo in 2009 is a completely new type, related to rabies but causing the bleeding and rapid death that makes Ebola infection so terrifying, scientists reported on Thursday. They’re searching for the source of the virus, which may be transmitted by insects or […]

Meningitis Questions

Need a cheat sheet to help keep it all straight? The CDC thinks you should remember 10 easy bullet points about this surprisingly complex disease. Here they are: 1. There are five “types” of meningitis. Meningitis may develop in response to a number of causes, usually bacteria or viruses, but meningitis can also be caused […]

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