Civil Rights Movement Events

April 1948 Gladys Noel Bates, a teacher in the Jackson Public School system, filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court against the Jackson Public School Board for its refusal to pay black teachers and administrators salaries equal to those paid … Continue reading

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Buzz Aldrin Made History in 1969 with Walk on Moon

  Buzz Aldrin along with Neil Armstrong on this day in history, July 20, back in 1969, accomplished the amazing journey to the moon. Here are some interesting facts about his life. Aldrin’s mother’s maiden name was Moon. The first plane he … Continue reading

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Scope Monkey Trials

How it All Happened The basis for the Scopes trial was laid when the Tennessee State Legislature passed the Butler Act – which took effect on March 21st, 1925. The essence of the Act was that it made it illegal … Continue reading

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First American Flag

Five myths about the American flag By Marc Leepson, Published: June 10, 2011 1. Betsy Ross made the first American flag. The Betsy Ross story is the most tenacious piece of fiction involving the flag. There simply is no credible … Continue reading

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The Oldest Surviving US Shuttle

Discovery on Thursday(April 20, 2012) became the first spaceship of the retired US shuttle fleet to enter its permanent home as a museum artifact, marking a solemn end to the 30-year manned spaceflight program. The oldest surviving US shuttle, Discovery … Continue reading

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

A Theory of Human Motivation A. H. Maslow (1943) Originally Published in Psychological Review, 50, 370-396. [p. 370] I. INTRODUCTION In a previous paper (13) various propositions were presented which would have to be included in any theory of human … Continue reading

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