Bigfoot DNA

The Big Foot “Sasquatch” legend has been around forever.
Tales of large, hairy, half human and half ape figures lurking
about in places from Canada to the Allegheny National Forest.
One claim of a Big Foot encounter was purported to have taken place back in 1924
by a Canadian prospector named Albert Ostman. At the time of Albert’s encounter
he was in pursuit of a lost gold mine
by Powell River in British Columbia, Canada.

The public did not get to hear of his amazing story until 24 years later.
Albert kept his story a secret to avoid the label of “crazy”. He said in his interview,
In the most calm and rational of manner, that he had been kidnapped by a family of three Big Foot creatures

The latest claim in the ongoing Big Foot saga was written up in an article on in December of 2012.

A genetics-based project alleges that a Bigfoot DNA study reveals that the mtDNA is exactly like our Homo sapien sequence, while the nuDNA is of an unknown hominin. To date there is a lack of proof and much skepticism looms.
You can read the article ‘Bigfoot’ Is Part Human, DNA Study Claims

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