Sweeping Dust Storm in Arizona History

Written by  on July 8, 2011

See Video of Arizona Dust Storm AP News in Brief at 5:58 a.m. EDT July 6, 2011 6:01 AM ET Strong winds push massive dust cloud into Phoenix, reducing[...]

Prelude to Rebellion

Written by  on July 3, 2011

The1850′s in America were ripe with sectional tension. The issue of slavery had become the predominate issue that would permeate local, state and[...]

World War II: Before the War

Written by  on July 2, 2011

JUN 19, 2011 | The years leading up to the declaration of war between the Axis and Allied powers in 1939 were tumultuous times for people across the globe.[...]

The First True Animation: Celebrating Winsor McCay

Written by  on July 2, 2011

By Maria Popova A short silent film from 1911, Little Nemo, contains the seeds of one of the 20th century’s defining storytelling techniques  Cartoonist[...]

President Shot!!

Written by  on July 2, 2011

While waiting in the oppessive heat at the railroad station that was summer in Washington, D.C., President James Garfield was gunned down by a person who[...]