Sweeping Dust Storm in Arizona History

See Video of Arizona Dust Storm AP News in Brief at 5:58 a.m. EDT July 6, 2011 6:01 AM ET Strong winds push massive dust cloud into Phoenix, reducing visibility and delaying flights PHOENIX (AP) — A massive dust storm descended on the Phoenix area on Tuesday night, drastically reducing visibility and delaying flights as […]

Prelude to Rebellion

The1850’s in America were ripe with sectional tension. The issue of slavery had become the predominate issue that would permeate local, state and national politic’s for the entire decade of the 1850s. One of the battle ground territories during this period was Kansas. On July 3rd, 1856, the federal House of Representatives votes to admit […]

The First True Animation: Celebrating Winsor McCay

By Maria Popova A short silent film from 1911, Little Nemo, contains the seeds of one of the 20th century’s defining storytelling techniques  Cartoonist and artist Winsor McCay (1869-1964) is often considered the father of true animation, pioneering the drawn image in film and influencing iconic creators for generations to come, from Walt Disney to Moebius to […]

President Shot!!

While waiting in the oppessive heat at the railroad station that was summer in Washington, D.C., President James Garfield was gunned down by a person who some called a mad man. The date was July 2, 1881. Garfield, was born in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, the last of the “log cabin presidents”, in 1831. He served […]