Library’s Tasty Treasure: George Washington’s Beer Recipe

*Transcript of Recipe: George Washington’s Beer Recipe (Note: Following this recipe exactly will result in a beer with an alcohol content of about 11 percent — making it at least twice as potent as most of today’s commercially brewed domestic beers.) To Make Small Beer: Take a large siffer full of bran hops to your […]


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The Freedom Riders

January 12, 2006 In 1961, the Freedom Riders set out for the Deep South to defy Jim Crow laws and call for change. They were met by hatred and violence — and local police often refused to intervene. But the Riders’ efforts transformed the civil rights movement. Oxford University Press A “Freedom Bus” in flames, […]

Audrey Hepburn Born

Audrey Hepburn Biography Audrey Hepburn was a film and fashion icon of the twentieth century and one of the most beloved actresses of all time. She enchanted the world with elegance and innocent charm, and portrayed some of the most memorable characters in film. Although she was one of the few actresses to win an […]

Margaret Thatcher sworn in

May 4, 1979:  Margaret Thatcher, leader of the Conservative Party, is sworn in as Britain’s first female prime minister. The Oxford-educated chemist and lawyer was sworn in the day after the Conservatives won a 44-seat majority in general parliamentary elections. Margaret Hilda Roberts was born in Grantham, England, in 1925. She was the first woman […]