One of the Largest Financial Frauds in United States History

July 10, 2017 · Posted in American Business, Crime, Economic History · Comments Off on One of the Largest Financial Frauds in United States History 

Bernie Madoff was at once family man, trusted friend, business success story, and one of the greatest Ponzi Scheme Kingpins in history. A scheme that devastated the lives of thousands including his own family.

By all appearances the Madoff’s were to be envied for their lavish lifestyle of private jets and country club living, but the foundation of their particular version of the American Dream was founded on fraud and the gig would eventually be up, but not for a long while until finally he was arrested on December 11, 2008.

In Bernie’s case he got to live out his monstrous lie longer than most, an illusion lasting decades. All the while deceiving thousands, many straight to their face in a most calculated and convincing manner.  He put thousands of unsuspecting investors at risk. Some victims invested every bit of savings they had. That Bernie could sleep beside Ruth in their Upper East Side apartment each night makes him part of that conscienceless breed called psychopath. In the Town and Country Article How Bernie Madoff took His Family Down they write about the tragic fallout that Bernie left in his wake.