Book: Psychotherapy for Borderline Personality

Psychotherapy for Borderline Personality
Focusing on Object Relations
John F. Clarkin, PhD
Frank E. Yeomans, MD, PhD
Otto F. Kernberg, MD
copyright 2006

Neurotic versus Borderline Personality Organization

pg. 73

“In neurotic patients, the more primitive, caricatured, split-off internal representations of early developmental stages have been integrated into more complex, coherent intrapsychic structures constituting the self and the internal object world (with a relatively clear sense of identity) and the superego (with a relatively consistent sense of moral values and internal prohibitions).”

“In contrast, in borderline patients, primitive internal representations remain split off from other representations of self and others, all of which are unintegrated into any larger, more coherent structure. The result is a more chaotic subjective experience, more erratic behavior, and more disturbed interpersonal relations.”

quote pg. 119
“;the more the patient tolerates depression without severe decompensation the better the prognosis.”