Notes on Mental Health Journey

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Important point was made in the book The Psychopathic Mind was pg. 328 “Denial is most commonly seen in counter phobic responses to danger when treating psychopathic individuals. Vulnerability to predation, after all, is the ultimate narcissist insult, and this may trigger a reaction formation that one is physically invincible (Maltsberger and Buie 1974

Quotes article Theory of Personality Change

“Symbols must interact with the feeling before we have a meaning.”

“Such explanatory concepts of content and structure tell us what prevents an individual from being changed by experience, what factors will force him forever (by dennition) to miss or distort everything that might change him unless (as we commonly say) his personality (somehow) changes first.”

“Now, this explanation (shared in some way, as I have tried to indicate, by the major personality theories of the day [4]) is based on the striking way in which the individual during psychotherapy becomes aware of what (so he now says) he has long felt but has not known that he felt. Moreover, the individual realizes how powerfully these previously

unaware experiences have affected his feelings and behavior. So many individuals have now reported this that there is no longer much doubt that it is a valid observation. The open question is how we are to formulate it theoretically.” So….

“Or if, somehow, repression is forcefully lifted and the individual is made to become aware of these experiences, the ego will “lose control,” the self will “disintegrate,” and intolerable “uncanny emotions” will occur. In psychosis, it is said, the individual is aware of such experiences and the ego or self-organization has indeed broken down.”

Another quote as were the above quotes taken from article Theory of Personality Change

“1. Major personality change involves some sort of intense affective or feeling process occurring in the individual.

Major personality change occurs nearly always in the context of an ongoing personal relationship.”

“In personality change the individual directly feels an inward reworking. His own concepts and constructs become partly unstructured and his felt experiencing at times exceeds his intellectual grasp.”

“The change comes through some kind of emotional digesting;”

Gestalt a configuration, pattern, or organized field having specific properties that cannot be derived from the summation of its component parts; a unified whole.