May 22, 1455:The War of the Roses

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war of the roses

In the opening battle of England’s War of the Roses, the Yorkists defeat King Henry VI’s Lancastrian forces at St. Albans, 20 miles northwest of London. Many Lancastrian nobles perished, including Edmund Beaufort, the duke of Somerset, and the king was forced to submit to the rule of his cousin, Richard of York. The dynastic struggle between the House of York, whose badge was a white rose, and the House of Lancaster, later associated with a red rose, would stretch on for 30 years. Read more

Iceland Volcano eruption 2011 05-22-2011

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The Man Who Predicted the Tsunami

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After studying ancient rocks, a Japanese geologist warned that a disaster was imminent—to no avail


The giant tsunami that assaulted northern Japan’s coast surprised just about everyone. But Masanobu Shishikura was expecting it. The thought that came to mind, he says, was “yappari,” a Japanese word meaning roughly, “Sure enough, it happened.” Read more

Royal visit heavy on symbolism for Dubliners

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17 May 2011 Last updated at 12:45 ET


By Conor SpackmanBBC News

Travelling into Dublin on Tuesday morning, it was clear that the Irish police were leaving nothing to chance.

As far as 10 miles from anywhere the Queen was due to visit, police cars were parked on unusual corners of suburban avenues. Read more

McDonald’s upgrades — cashiers out, computers in-McDonald’s restaurants in Europe

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updated 5/16/2011 4:07:03 PM ET

China row over Forbidden City ‘club for the rich’

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By Michael Bristow BBC News, Beijing


Chinese officials have denied the Beijing palace that was once home to China’s emperors is being used as a club for the rich. Read more

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