Painted Rock on the Tule River Indian Reservation

Painted Rock is located on the Tule River Indian Reservation, above Porterville, in the Sierra Nevada foothills of central California . This site, also known as CA-TUL-19, is a rockshelter associated with a Native American Yokuts village. The site, located immediately adjacent to the Tule River, includes bedrock mortars, pitted boulders, midden and pictographs. The […]

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Easter Celebration

Easter, which celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead, is Christianity’s most important holiday. It has been called a moveable feast because it doesn’t fall on a set date every year, as most holidays do. Instead, Christian churches in the West celebrate Easter on the first Sunday following the full moon after the vernal equinox […]

Are Penguin’s Ticklish

Tickling a Penguin Video Written by Deena on Apr-20-11 7:42pm Have you ever seen a ticklish penguin!? Well, here’s your chance! There’s an adorable YouTube going around of a penguin being tickled, and it makes the cutest, funniest noise ever. It’s pretty much awesome and now Cookie is an internet sensation!  Cookie the ticklish penguin! (YouTube)Cookie looks […]

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Controversial Confucius statue vanishes from Tiananmen

Communist celebrates apparent snub to ‘slave-owning sorcerer’; blogger jokes grimly about ‘suspected economic crimes’ Jason Lee  /  Reuters A combination picture shows a Confucius statue outside the National Museum of China in Beijing on February 28 and a security officer standing guard near a fence after the removal of the statue Thursday. updated 4/22/2011 7:52:06 AM ET A […]

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People nailed to crosses in Good Friday ritual

People nailed to crosses in Good Friday ritual AP reports: At least 24 Filipinos were nailed to wooden crosses to re-enact Jesus Christ’s suffering in a local Good Friday rite rejected by Catholic church leaders but witnessed by throngs of believers and thousands of tourists. Romeo Ranoco / Reuters Portraying Jesus Christ, Menandro Penafiel, 34, […]


THE RUSH TO OKLAHOMA William Willard Howard Harper’s Weekly 33 (May 18, 1889): 391-94. In 1889 the opening to white settlement of a choice portion of Indian Territory in Oklahoma set off one of the most bizarre and chaotic episodes of town founding in world history. A railroad line crossed the territory, and water towers […]

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National Latino Museum Plan Faces Fight

April 20, 2011 National Latino Museum Plan Faces Fight By KATE TAYLOR This copy is for your personal, noncommercial use only. You can order presentation-ready copies for distribution to your colleagues, clients or customers here or use the “Reprints” tool that appears next to any article. Visit for samples and additional information. Order a […]

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Fixating on a Future Royal as Elusive as Cinderella

April 21, 2011 By SARAH LYALL A version of this article appeared in print on April 21, 2011, on page A9 of the New York edition with the headline: Fixating on a Future Royal as Elusive as Cinderella. LONDON — The theme of the walking tour was the forthcoming royal wedding, but the object of the […]

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The Libyan government has expressed “sadness” over the deaths of two award-winning photographers killed while covering the conflict in Misrata

UK 21 April 2011 Last updated at 08:20 ET Libyan government ‘sad’ about photographer deaths The Libyan government has expressed “sadness” over the deaths of two award-winning photographers killed while covering the conflict in Misrata. But spokesman Moussa Ibrahim said there were always casualties in war, saying: “People die from our side, from their side, […]

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