Historic Blizzards of New York City

New York City has seen its share of major snowstorms. The largest occurred, according to NYC.gov, on February 11 and 12, 2006. Over a  16 hour time period 26.9 inches of snow accumulated across the city. This nor’easter had winds of about 20-30 mph, where 2,500 city deployed workers labored to do snow clean-up.

The second largest snowstorm was on Jan. 7-8, 1996 measuring 20 inches of snow in Central Park. This nor’easter’s winds topped the first runner by hitting 50 mph gusts. It resulted in the closings, on January 8th, of Broadway shows, the public and parochial school systems and the Stock Market at mid-day.

Coming in as the third largest accumulation of snowfall was the March Blizzard of 1888. 21 inches fell in just a two day period. The gusts were so high at almost 75 mph that drifts reached 30 feet in some places.

Blizzard NYC

45th Street and Grand Central Depot, New York, March 1888, Source: NOAA’s National Weather Service Collection