Henry Ford and the Assembly Line

It was on this day in history, December 1, 1913, that Henry Ford introduced us to the mass production of the American automobile.

Ford installed the first moving assembly line that succeeded in mass producing all the parts necessary to make a complete car. His inspiration was modeled after the continuous-flow methods that were used in the production of flour, beer, canned goods and also seen in Chicago’s meat-packing plants.

However, the concept had its origin several hundred years prior in Venice’s ship building industry, where they used pre-made parts and an assembly line. The Venice Arsenal factory managed to produce nearly a ship a day! It is the first known factory.

Henry Ford will forever be linked to the popularization, affordability and assembly line production of the motorized vehicle; notably the historically renowned  Model T Ford. The 10-millionth Model T made its way off the production line on June 4, 1924.

by Editor

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